Samba: A Love Story

Samba / Has always been a way / For Brazilians / To try to make sense / Of the things we can't say.

Jacqui Rego's poem and perspective on love and dance as a Brazilian woman. 






Photography from Steven Tong that celebrates the family we choose for ourselves and the home we make, no matter how far we have travelled.  

He Can't Be American

A video:  "Chelaka is a friend of mine that I've known for years. But what I didn't know is that he could face deportation one day after the "DACA" program was rescinded. That's when the news felt too close to home. So I flew to New York to share his story..."

 Quiet Planet

An Excerpt: Karim Kassem's new book of magical realism recounts his first months in NYC. "The music of a new beginning, the tone of goodbye. Hello? Are you still with me? Yes. Well, let’s go then...."

Stories from previous weeks:

Independence Day

"I was ten years old, when my birth country gained independence after a brutal nine-month war." How one immigrant sees the freedoms of Bangladesh and The United States and celebrates Independence Day. 

Rosa: a short film

"As I spent more time away from home, I became more aware of how unique my experiences in Colombia had been; things that had become naturalized to me, all of a sudden seemed idiosyncratic to the point of strange..." A powerful short film.
Watch it here. 

Shared Language

An interview:  Nur Bepary does not need English to run his successful auto-repair shop. Instead he has tapped into the diversity of Queens with a staff and loyal customers from around the world who have all made NYC home. "I think that is one the best qualities of immigrants, we take what we have in front of us and make it work for us."






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