A daughter’s journey through foreign grief.






When the refugee, literally and metaphorically, is bereft of language, home, friends, family, and hope, he or she can find in a library a substitute.

The poetry of Qi'Ang Meng: solitude and phantasmas.
”The lights going off, you and I / and foreigners climb into our beds / like exhausted warriors. Succulents of night”

Communicating what is truly happening in her country is one of Arantxa’s greatest goals —the corruption of a government’s dictatorship that wears the mask of democracy for the rest of the world to see.

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“It was springtime. The sweet perfume of the wisteria dominated the whole street. I approached the house and climbed stairs that were covered by the wisteria in full bloom. The canopy was still intact. The grape- like flowers dangled from the canopy like lanterns...”






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