Watch it now! Noella Borie introduces her newest animation - the metaphysical and deeply moving experimental short Infinite Universe. 





“We think of music as the third language in this piece….” Jacinta Clusellas’s music and reflections on the creation of Azul Otra Vez.

Real People. Real Lives

Changing expectations through art: portraits and interviews with 16 immigrant women in New York: “You can never imagine where these women are coming from and what their stories are.”

One Undocumented Student’s Journey to Liberation.
“When I explore my identities through my writing, I am able to embrace myself…”

Stories from previous weeks:

Artist Jacqui Rêgo gets personal about love, sex, and the commodification of immigrant women in the age of Trump

"It was springtime. The sweet perfume of the wisteria dominated the whole street. I approached the house and climbed stairs that were covered by the wisteria in full bloom. The canopy was still intact. The grape- like flowers dangled from the canopy like lanterns..."

The continuing story of Betty Roque: "My arrival to this country was an odyssey completely different from what I imagined."






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