A portrait series at the intersection of personal identity and cultural heritage, THREADS is exploring who Asian-America is and can be.





memory, homeland, family, and magic; the poetry of Jasmine Respess

A marathon becomes more than a test of strength; it is a chance to fulfill a promise. After fleeing Afghanistan, the Boston Marathon offers an opportunity to say thanks.

A Short Story: As the world goes dark, the colors become more clear.

Stories from previous weeks:

What happens when a theater goes further than site-specific? When it embraces the ecology, the history, and the people you may get something akin to Carlos Uriona’s Double Edge Theater.

Nur Bepary does not need English to run his successful auto-repair shop. Instead he has tapped into the diversity of Queens with a staff and loyal customers from around the world who have all made NYC home.

Danielle Burity’s documentary takes us inside the mask of a costumed times square performer and the stories of the illegal immigrants that often take these jobs.






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