The Experience of Translation

“I notice that when I speak in my respective languages, I almost transform in tone and personhood.” An interview with the book writer of the bilingual musical Azul Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited)

El Pájaro Azul

“We think of music as the third language in this piece….” Jacinta Clusellas’s music and reflections on the creation of Azul Otra Vez.

With Open Eyes

“When you hear the word refugee different things come to different minds. For me what comes to mind is a strong, resilient person, a survivor in life.”
Two films centered on refugees in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Immigrant's Dilemma

“You would think that they would want their children to take the same type of risks in life and maybe be entrepreneurs. Instead my parents have always encouraged me to make the safer choice….”

Quiet Planet

An excerpt from Karim Kassem's new book: "The music of a new beginning, the tone of
goodbye. Hello? Are you still with me? Yes. Well, let’s go then...."


These images from Steven Tong celebrate the family we choose for ourselves and the home we make, no matter how far we have travelled. 

He Can't Be American

A video:  "Chelaka is a friend of mine that I've known for years. But what I didn't know is that he could face deportation one day after the "DACA" program was rescinded. That's when the news felt too close to home.

So I flew to New York to share his story..."

Love At War

There are currently 15 seconds of the animated film Love At War. And those 15 seconds involved 155 hand-drawn watercolors and over 350 hours of work. But that is the job she signed up for...

American Mirage

"At first, I thought I knew a lot of things about America. ... Flipping through the saturated photos of swimming pools, palm trees, and tan, long legged women in bikinis filled my mind with stars and stripes..."