Crossing Oceans

Thanks to the internet, artists are able to collaborate across continents to tell the story of just how far that distance seems in the eyes of a new immigrant. A conversation with webseries creator Deniz Khateri

Interpretations of Dreams

Like waking from a dream, Alba Páramo’s printmaking traces deep currents of symbolism through Tibetan art, pre-Columbian mythology, and her own life to pull you into a world at once familiar and strange.

In A Name

A name becomes a peace offering, a chance to reconnect with her heritage, and a personal symbol. After transitioning, Joanna offers her family an opportunity to name their daughter.

Paintings of Light and Sound

Butoh and shadow puppetry may seem worlds apart, but for performing artist Deniz Khateri they offer opportunities to create the extreme images and living poetry that first captured her imagination in Iran.

We The People

What happens when a theater goes further than site-specific? When it embraces the ecology, the history, and the people you may get something akin to Carlos Uriona’s Double Edge Theater.


With grace and poignancy, LA resident, undocumented, and trans (non-binary) author Féi Hernandez examines the intersection of country and body.

¡Hola, neighbor!

Danielle Burity’s documentary takes us inside the mask of a costumed times square performer and the stories of the illegal immigrants that often take these jobs.

Umbrella House

Umbrella House reveals the stories of the squatter community – most of them immigrants – that took over abandoned buildings in the Lower East Side of Manhattan reconstructed them and made them into homes.

The Experience of Translation

“I notice that when I speak in my respective languages, I almost transform in tone and personhood.” An interview with the book writer of the bilingual musical Azul Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited)

El Pájaro Azul

“We think of music as the third language in this piece….” Jacinta Clusellas’s music and reflections on the creation of Azul Otra Vez.