The poetry of Qi'Ang Meng: solitude and phantasmas.
”The lights going off, you and I / and foreigners climb into our beds / like exhausted warriors. Succulents of night”

Inhaling Toxin

Communicating what is truly happening in her country is one of Arantxa’s greatest goals —the corruption of a government’s dictatorship that wears the mask of democracy for the rest of the world to see.

Twenty Six Miles

A marathon becomes more than a test of strength; it is a chance to fulfill a promise. After fleeing Afghanistan, the Boston Marathon offers an opportunity to say thanks.

On Arrival

“My stepmother is my introduction to America and I am her introduction to being a mother. We are both immigrants in that sense…” Indu Subaiya recounts her first steps in a new life.

The Awakening

A film about a film that couldn’t be made; Karim recounts his journey when an accident stopped his shoot and the story that developed instead. An exclusive clip.