A name becomes a peace offering, a chance to reconnect with her heritage, and a personal symbol. After transitioning, Joanna offers her family an opportunity to name their daughter.





What happens when a theater goes further than site-specific? When it embraces the ecology, the people, and the history of a place you may get something akin to Carlos Uriona’s Double Edge Theater.

Butoh and shadow puppetry may seem worlds apart, but for performing artist Deniz Khateri they offer opportunities to create the extreme images and living poetry that first captured her imagination in Iran.

Like waking from a dream, Alba Páramo’s printmaking traces deep currents of symbolism through Tibetan art, pre-Columbian mythology, and her own life to pull you into a world at once familiar and strange.

Stories from previous weeks:

“It was springtime. The sweet perfume of the wisteria dominated the whole street. I approached the house and climbed stairs that were covered by the wisteria in full bloom. The canopy was still intact. The grape- like flowers dangled from the canopy like lanterns...”

Poet Teow Lim Goh's Islanders blends politics and intimacy through the histories of Chinese immigrants and her own legacy.
I came with the dream
of freedom
to speak
to believe.
It is here I begin to write.
This is my legacy.”

Artist Jacqui Rêgo gets personal about love, sex, and the commodification of immigrant women in the age of Trump






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