“American Dream: (verb)(1) To spend days walking and seeing things that remain best unsaid.”
A journey across the border.




As an iconic Austin restaurant closes, the staff and patrons gather to reflect on a long history of family, legacy, and the American Dream - and to eat!

In my life in exile
the way I say 'goodbye' with love for people
Is not the way I have ever said it before.

And Other Adventures in Internalized Racism

Stories from previous weeks:

Communicating what is truly happening in her country is one of Arantxa’s greatest goals —the corruption of a government’s dictatorship that wears the mask of democracy for the rest of the world to see.

Sita Chay delves into the creation and power of contemporary shamanic rituals; modern musical languages, Korean shaman rhythms, and folk mask movements all combine to ignite raw emotion and communal energy - a fight for the soul of the world.

A scientific mind and zen philosophy shape the photographic practice of Satoki Nagata as he continues his search to capture emotional truth in the streets of Chicago.






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