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Weaving Worlds

Her paintings are tapestries woven of all these stories; deeply personal, collective, intimate and vast. The paintings of Ana Maria Velasco are creating universes. An interview with the artist.

We The People

What happens when a theater goes further than site-specific? When it embraces the ecology, the history, and the people you may get something akin to Carlos Uriona’s Double Edge Theater.

American Artists

Over 20% of American artists from the 19th century are immigrants, and that does not even take into account those who are first generation. They have painted the most iconic American scenes, influenced major artistic movements in this country, and inspired global artists...

Mani Kongo Lukeni

An excerpt from the art book: 
Banned and hunted down by a jealous Queen and aunt, a young fisherman, Lukeni, is forced to find a new home in a constant-war era in pre-colonial austral Africa. His journey will lead him into knowing about his true origins and the evil spirit sleeping inside him...