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Twenty Six Miles

A marathon becomes more than a test of strength; it is a chance to fulfill a promise. After fleeing Afghanistan, the Boston Marathon offers an opportunity to say thanks.

Tipi: You Have No Idea

A true source of delight in our life at this time was our pet pigeon Tipi (pronounced tee-pee).  I have to tell you about him because he was a real character.  As I mentioned, in front of our little pioneer house were two enormous palm trees.  Nobody had taken care of them for a long time before we got there...

Mani Kongo Lukeni

An excerpt from the art book: 
Banned and hunted down by a jealous Queen and aunt, a young fisherman, Lukeni, is forced to find a new home in a constant-war era in pre-colonial austral Africa. His journey will lead him into knowing about his true origins and the evil spirit sleeping inside him...