What We Are Reading

Some remarkable writing from around the web by and about immigrants


  • Why Donald Trump Is Wrong About Immigration -Fortune
  • Anti-immigrant Hate Targets Asians Too -Huffington Post
  • The myth of the 'acceptable immigrant' is tearing families apart. -NBC Think
  • When a Day in Court Is a Trap for Immigrants -The New Yorker
  • Immigrants Do a Great Job at Becoming Americans -Bloomberg
  • Half of Latino Immigrant Characters on TV Are Portrayed as Criminals, Study Finds -Hollywood Reporter
  • How a Long-Lost Photograph Revealed One Family's Immigration Story -Time
  • Photography project highlights contributions of Boston’s immigrant community -Boston Globe


  • How DACA Changed My Life: One Immigrant Girl's Story -Teen Vogue
  • Lebanese immigrant escaped war to build a life in Quincy -Patriot Ledger
  • Children's Books Missed These Immigrant Stories. So Student's Wrote Them -NYTimes
  • A Brooklyn organization is turning refugees in NYC into chefs -Timeout NY


  • Opinion: Despite What Trump Says, Immigrant and Citizen Labor Rights Are InseparableNBCNews
  • It Was an Uneasy Time for Immigrants in Texas. Then the Rains Came. -NYTimes
  • Investors Go Where Trump Won’t: To Immigrant Entrepreneurs -MIT Technology Review
  • The Real History of American Immigration -Politico
  • Hospitality industry needs more immigrant workers to survive, report says -Chicago Tribune
  • Immigrant families make America great -USA Today
  • The Case For Celebrating (And Promoting) Immigrant Entrepreneurs -Forbes
  • Stay, Hide or Leave? Hard Choices for Immigrants in the Heartland –NYTimes
  • Undocumented Immigrants May Get Less Time to Make Their Case -Time
  • How Trump Is Stifling Entrepreneurship -Fortune

JULY 2017

  • This Land Is Our Land: Young Immigrant Musicians Reinvent A Classic
  • Nigerian-American Tomi Adeyemi’s ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ -Teen Vogue
  • Afghan Girls Robotics Team Finally Allowed To Enter US For Competition -IFL Science
  • In America, saying thank you is routine. In India, it can be insulting. -The Atlantic
  • Latina Immigrants Raise $30 Million Venture Fund -Huffington Post
  • Kenzo Designer Humberto Leon Pens an Open Letter About Identity Politics - TeenVogue
  • Immigrants revitalize Detroit -The Detroit News
  • Immigrant Triumph at the Oscars of American Fashion -The NYTimes

JUNE 2017

  • Wedding Dress A Symbol Of Something New For Syrian Refugee  -
  • How I Solved It: New York Or Lahore? - The New Yorker
  • Immigrant-Led Pilot Gives Used Cooking Oil a Second Chance - N
  • MIT study: Immigrants vital to Boston’s economy - The Boston Globe
  • Immigrant rises to top of graduating class - Houston Chronicle
  • Film And Food: Sharing The Stories Of Immigrants With Conservative America -NPR
  • Austin’s “Poderosas” Mural is an Homage to Immigrant Mothers - Remezcla

MAY 2017

  • "I do not know what my identity is when I am not working."  -A comic
  • The Vilcek Prize recognizes immigrant artists who make a contribution to U.S. culture through their art.- N
  • Ten Immigrants Who Became Famous Artists - Sleek Magazine
  • Trump's Immigration Ban is Already Harming American Science - The Atlantic
  • Four Artists Who Are Reshaping America's Immigration Debate - Colorlines

MARCH 2017

  • "I am an immigrant" Fashion leaders speak out in this video - T
  • How to help refugees in the United States - Rescue.org
  • New American Girls: a series of incredible videos- PBS
  • How the fight over refugees threatens one woman's dream of motherhood - Glamour
  • If They Should Come For Us, a poem - Poetry Foundation
  • How I Learned to Celebrate Eid in America - Buzzfeed


  • 10 uniquely American things created by immigrants - NBC Latino
  •  Immigrant Authors Are Making American Literature Great Again - Vice
  • What American Women Who Wear Hijab Want You to Know - The Atlantic
  • Iranian director sent prominent Iranian-American engineers to accept his Oscar - W
  • All six of America's Nobel Prize Winners are immigrants - The Independent
  • When Home Is Between Different Countries And Genders - Buzzfeed


  • One Harvard Lab, Six Iranian Scientists, and Some Tea - The Atlantic
  •  Exploring ties to her Kashmiri home through cooking - Buzzfeed
  • How Immigrants Make American science Great - Pacific Standard
  • A family of Syrian refugees is making life sweeter for Berlin - The Local
  • Museum launches a "made by an immigrant" initiative - CNN
  • All six of America's Nobel Prize Winners are immigrants - The Independent
  • Hollywood agency scraps Oscar party, supports refugees instead - The Hollywood Reporter