With their parents facing deportation and an uncertain future looming, the children of TPS families have taken to the stage to share their stories.





A scientific mind and zen philosophy shape the photographic practice of Satoki Nagata as he continues his search to capture emotional truth in the streets of Chicago.

“My stepmother is my introduction to America and I am her introduction to being a mother. We are both immigrants in that sense…” Indu Subaiya recounts her first steps in a new life.

A film about a film that couldn’t be made; Karim recounts his journey when an accident stopped his shoot and the story that developed instead.

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Stories from previous weeks:

Umbrella House reveals the stories of the squatter community – most of them immigrants – that took over abandoned buildings in the Lower East Side of Manhattan reconstructed them and made them into homes.
A documentary

The fight for the environment walks hand in hand with feminism; a call to action.

In a literacy class for immigrant mothers, it is the teacher learning lessons of courage and love.






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