“Language also contains culture; there are things that cannot be translated…” A conversation with Tatiana Pandiani on creating multilingual theater.





“You would think that they would want their children to take the same type of risks in life and maybe be entrepreneurs. Instead my parents have always encouraged me to make the safer choice….”

“When you hear the word refugee different things come to different minds. For me what comes to mind is a strong, resilient person, a survivor in life.” Two films centered on the refugees in a filmmaker's hometown.

A Sri Lankan dessert recipe from Kottu House

Stories from previous weeks:

ROSA is a dramatic short film that explores the societal norms that are fueled by deeply engraved class divisions in Colombian society.

"Leap, and a net will appear. I had come across this saying a while ago and it has been my motto ever since. My encounter with my newly found sister and what ensued in the following few months were just that. We took a leap and a net did appear!"

"American-born to immigrant parents, I was always trapped in the white space between a traditional Arab lifestyle and the American dream...