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On Arrival

“My stepmother is my introduction to America and I am her introduction to being a mother. We are both immigrants in that sense…” Indu Subaiya recounts her first steps in a new life.

Immigrant's Dilemma

“You would think that they would want their children to take the same type of risks in life and maybe be entrepreneurs. Instead my parents have always encouraged me to make the safer choice….”


It was springtime. The sweet perfume of the wisteria dominated the whole street. I approached the house and climbed stairs that were covered by the wisteria in full bloom. The canopy was still intact. The grape- like flowers dangled from the canopy like lanterns...

The Top of The Mountain

I grew up learning daily from my parents, relatives, and elders from my community about our values of caring, respecting, reciprocity, solidarity, giving a hand and support to others, greeting people properly, and caring and preserving the Mother Earth...